• Tom Boswell Tree Surgery and Pruning

Tree Surgery

This is a more general term for most tree work operations, involving specific limb removal, pruning tree branches from buildings and raising the canopies of trees over roads and paths.
The term tree surgery may be stretching things a bit but much of our work involves precise and careful movements so we’re not that dissimilar from Doctors…

With light and space a big issue in London we spend a lot of time carrying out tree crown reductions. We now advocate more thinning and selective cutting of limbs/tree canopies than we used to. Often all over canopy reduction results in a more frequent long term maintenance programme costing more money and losing a tree’s natural outline and appearance.

As a company we adhere to British Standards for tree work 3998:2010 Link

Q – When’s the best time to prune trees?

A – It’s best not to prune trees during spring, when the ‘sap is rising’ to enable the leaves to flush (come out) and photosynthesis to begin, and during the autumn, when the tree is drawing nutrients back into itself from the leaves as they go brown. Trees can be more vulnerable to pest and disease attack.

Pruning during Autumn means the tree will not be able to get all the nutrients that it needs for the next spring and the tree may be put under unnecessary stress, increasing the likelihood of disease.